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Ghostly Guardian (2023)

A Paranormal Thriller (Intro to My Ghosts Series)

In the cold expanse of Wyoming, Tim leads a life punctuated by silence and shadow, with only a fraying relationship with his mother for company. Yet, amidst the icy winters and scorching summers, an ethereal presence offers solace.

Sheena, a spectral guardian from the beyond, becomes Tim's confidante, guide, and protector. Together, they embark on a transformative journey, one that challenges Tim to confront his deepest fears and embrace the lessons life has to offer. Through snow shoveling and lawn mowing, to building a janitorial empire, Tim's resilience is tested, fortified by Sheena's timeless wisdom.

"Ghostly Guardian" is more than a tale of the supernatural. It's a heartfelt chronicle of family, friendship, and the indomitable human spirit. Dive into a world where empathy and determination converge, revealing that sometimes, our most ethereal connections leave the most lasting impressions.

When all seems lost, a new horizon beckons. As Tim sets his sights on Denver's shimmering promise, one truth remains – every ending is but a new beginning.

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Rescued by Ghosts (2020)  

A Paranormal Thriller Memoir (#1 in My Ghosts Series)

“Rescued by Ghosts” is a captivating tale that follows the life of a protagonist, (Tim), who finds himself in dire circumstances and on the brink of despair. He did not expect it, but ghosts, a group of benevolent and enigmatic spirits, saved him. 

The protagonist goes through a journey of self-discovery and personal growth with the help of spectral beings.

Tim's mother made him get up early every day, walk through harsh blizzards alone, and then did something unspeakable. 

Tim’s parents raised him in a cult that was disguised as a church. The church authorities forced him to attend their college, where they starved and abused him in order to brainwash him and take away his free thought. Will Tim’s ghosts help him?

This is a 100% true memoir. This same church produced Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, and Jonestown, Guyana cult leader & mass murderer Jim Jones. 

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Deceit in Denver (2021)

A Paranormal Thriller Memoir (#2 in My Ghosts Series)

When Tim thought moving his family to Denver would bring them new opportunities and a fresh start, what he finds instead is a world of deception and betrayal.


With his family's safety on the line, Tim must rely on his resilience and determination to protect them while navigating the treacherous terrain of greed and temptation.


Guided by the ethereal Sheena, will Tim be able to uphold his integrity in the face of so many obstacles? If you enjoyed the suspense and moral dilemmas of The Da Vinci Code, you will also find yourself enthralled with this novel. Buy now before the price changes!

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Evict Evil (2021)

A Paranormal Thriller Memoir (#3 in My Ghosts Series)

In the treacherous world of corporate ambition, Tim's life is about to take a chilling dive into the paranormal.

Bound to a business partner with sadistic fantasies and a penchant for cruelty, Tim already battles the horrors of human malevolence daily. But when he's ambushed by an envious entity from beyond, the lines between reality and the supernatural blur.

Night after treacherous night, Tim's sleep is plagued by an otherworldly menace, one that not only seeks to harm him but also endangers his family. As he battles to protect his loved ones, he is haunted by another shocking betrayal – a theft too close to home, leading him to suspect that perhaps the disembodied aren't the only enemies he should fear.

Amidst the chaos, one secret shadows Tim's every move, a truth so dark that, if unveiled, could spell his ultimate doom. In a world where the tangible and the ethereal intertwine, will Tim find a way to evict the evil that stalks him?

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Death Disturbed (2022)

A Paranormal Thriller Memoir (#4 in My Ghosts Series)

The veil between life and the afterlife is thin, but for Tim, it's torn to shreds.

In a world where malevolence dwells both in the living and the supernatural, Tim is an unsuspecting target. The sinister dark energy, born from a rival's hatred, seeks to engulf him. Yet, the tangible world offers no refuge either; he's bound to a man whose very soul thrives on murderous intentions.

When a man vanishes without a trace, Tim's suspicions spiral. The fearsome events don't stop there—a death-disturbed thunderstorm threatens not just Tim, but also those he holds dear. As the tempest rages, a mysterious violet energy becomes his shield, his only defense against the escalating supernatural onslaught.


Sheena, his ethereal guide, emerges from the shadows, offering wisdom and guidance. But even with her aid, Tim's journey is fraught with peril. As he grapples with malevolent forces in two intertwined realities, the stakes become clear: his very existence is on the line.


In "Death Disturbed", the boundaries of life, death, and the realms in-between clash in a heart-pounding dance of danger, deceit, and destiny.

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